Increase the range of your WIFI network!

This post is dedicated to my cousins new WIFI booster business so I decided to do a post about what they are and why you may need one. Most homes have what we call black out points when it comes to their WIFI network. A single router usually doesn’t have the range to cover a whole home or office especially if there is two or more stories and thick brick walls on the premises. This is why WIFI signal boosters have become so popular in the last few years as they allow you to extend the range of your WIFI network up to another 300 meters.

So what are WIFI repeaters and how do they work? Well a WIFI repeater connects wirelessly to your router and sends the WIFI signal back out from where it is plugged in giving you up to another 300 meters of range to your existing WIFI network. The key is to pick the best place where to put the booster as if it is too far away from the router than it can weaken the signal and not rebroadcast correctly. Most WIFI boosters have lights on them to show you how strong the signal from the router is which can help you pick the best spot for your extender.

A WIFI signal booster can run off of 2 frequency’s. Most run n the 2.4ghz but some of the dual band boosters can run on 2.4 and 5.0ghz frequency which is usually less clustered especially in urban areas. WIFI extenders are pretty affordable considering how they can help your network extend so much and go for as little as €34.99 with some dual band boosters going for €50.00. We think this is a worthy investment if you suffer from blackout spots in your home or workplace.




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