Save over €1000 a year with an android tv box!

Are you sick of paying a huge monthly subscription to cable companies for hundreds of channels you don’t even use? Most people are paying a huge monthly TV subscription to cable companies and a recent survey showed that they only watch on average 15 different channels out of the over 200 that they are paying for. This is why most people are moving to the android TV box which allows you to customize your favorite channels and set up your own media centre with Kodi entertainment center.

The android TV box runs via your internet connection so there is no stress of having to get a big satellite dish put on the side of your home. All you need is the android TV box, a hdmi cable and a internet connection. Experts at recommend a internet connection of over 5 megabytes to get the best quality from the box but we have seen it work on 3G connections which would be less than that speed.

There is no monthly subscription on the android box so no need to worry about a big bill coming in every month. The android box works more like a computer than your traditional cable TV boxes. You are presented with a screen on the android operating system that allows you to access apps such as netflix and youtube as well as download as many apps as you can fit on the box!

Increase the range of your WIFI network!

This post is dedicated to my cousins new WIFI booster business so I decided to do a post about what they are and why you may need one. Most homes have what we call black out points when it comes to their WIFI network. A single router usually doesn’t have the range to cover a whole home or office especially if there is two or more stories and thick brick walls on the premises. This is why WIFI signal boosters have become so popular in the last few years as they allow you to extend the range of your WIFI network up to another 300 meters.

So what are WIFI repeaters and how do they work? Well a WIFI repeater connects wirelessly to your router and sends the WIFI signal back out from where it is plugged in giving you up to another 300 meters of range to your existing WIFI network. The key is to pick the best place where to put the booster as if it is too far away from the router than it can weaken the signal and not rebroadcast correctly. Most WIFI boosters have lights on them to show you how strong the signal from the router is which can help you pick the best spot for your extender.

A WIFI signal booster can run off of 2 frequency’s. Most run n the 2.4ghz but some of the dual band boosters can run on 2.4 and 5.0ghz frequency which is usually less clustered especially in urban areas. WIFI extenders are pretty affordable considering how they can help your network extend so much and go for as little as €34.99 with some dual band boosters going for €50.00. We think this is a worthy investment if you suffer from blackout spots in your home or workplace.




Guide to Buying A Refurbished iPhone 5C

refurbished iphone 5cRefurbished iPhones have become more and more popular in the last couple of years due to the savings people can make on them as opposed to buying a new iPhone from Apple. So what is a refurbished iPhone and is it really as good as a brand new Apple phone? Well here at I got myself a refurbished iPhone from an online store here in Ireland and I had it delivered in 4 days which isn’t too bad so I will use my personal experience and bare in mind that this is just my thoughts.

I got an iPhone 5C after having an android phone for years which I did like but it was getting too slow. I do actually prefer android as I find it more open and on the IOS for the iPhone I find you have to sign up for everything which becomes annoying. Anyway so I paid €290.00 for the iPhone 5C as opposed to €499.00 for a brand new iPhone 5C so that is quite a decent savings. I made sure that the website I bought from offer a warranty so what could go wrong?

So I got my phone and it was network unlocked as promised and I went ahead and set it up. Everything seems to be working normally on it except I did have trouble with the bluetooth for the first few days. In any case if there was a problem they say that they can repair or replace it so happy days. So far so good and it seems to be as good as a brand new iPhone 5C so I guess I am happy out with my €200 savings!

Thanks guys!